About Pronk!

“Reclaim the streets with brass, beats, and feet”

Reclaim the Streets with brass, beats, and feet!

PRONK! presents a heartfelt antidote to mainstream culture by inviting people from all walks of life to come together for a day set aside for the celebration of music. We aim to blur social boundaries between audience and performers as well as between musical genres, resulting in a joyous reclamation of public space.

On Monday October 13th, 2014, aka Indigenous People’s Day (“Columbus Day”), the sounds and sights of street bands from here and around the country and around the world will fill our fair city as part of the seventh annual Providence HONK Festival (PRONK!). And just who are these characters? We are a victory riot of local favorites like the Extraordinary Rendition Band, What Cheer? Brigade, and Kickin’ Brass.

We are a cacophonous street celebration with out of town brass bands! We are a street intervention like no other, with outfits and misfits from Rhode Island and beyond – musicians, artists, activists, makers, and groups from around Providence – taking over Wickenden Street as part of the Providence HONK Parade.

PRONK! is a grassroots, neighborhood event made possible by the support support of the hundreds of local partners! Kickstarter donors, fundraiser attendees, and grantors provide critical support to bring this celebration to our park and streets. None of the bands will be paid for participating in the festival. Instead, they are inspired to travel great distances at personal expense to joyously celebrate their music in public spaces. Funds help cover a small portion of their travel expenses.  Local businesses donate space and help us feed the 200+ musicians that will descend upon our streets. Friendly neighbors house band members while they’re in town. Rhode Islands artists and activist organizations come together to connect, offer voice to the cause of justice in our community, and to celebrate our shared vision. Volunteers roll up their sleeves to build, cook, create, clean, organize, speak, play and march. This day-long celebration of music and community activism, in the spirit of the Boston-based HONK!

It takes a Pronk! village…won’t you join us?

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