PRONK 2012 Schedule (also listed here)

3:30– 5:30PM
Performances at India Point Park, overlooking the Bay

3:30 Lungs Face Feet
3:50 Young Fellaz
4:10 Church Marching Band
4:30 Kickin Brass
4:50 Loyd Family Players

Parade down Wickenden Street

6 – 10PM
Showcase performances on the Providence River
(Bike Valet from Recycle-A-Bike will be available on South Water Street from 6-10PM)

STAGE A: Amphitheatre next to the Hot Club
STAGE B: Bridge, under the Highway
STAGE H: Inside the Hot Club

6PM This Land is Your Land at the Ampitheatre (everyone)
6:45 Environmental Encroachment (Stage A)
7 Chaotic (Stage B)
7:15 Carnival (Stage A) & Dirty Water Brass Band (Stage H)
7:30 Young Fellaz (Stage B)
7:45 Pink Puffers (Stage A) & Church (Stage H)
8 Loyd Family (Stage B)
8:15 Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band (Stage A) & Kickin Brass (Stage H)
8:30 Lungs Face Feet (Stage B)
8:45 ERB (Stage A)
9 Minor Mishap (Stage B)
9:30 Detroit Party Marching Band (Stage A)
10:00 What Cheer? (Stage B)

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