Are you ready to PRONK with us?

We’re less than two weeks away and can’t wait to take to the streets of Providence.

We still need help with our Kickstarter to make the festival happen – remember, PRONK is a grassroots, community event made possible by the support of local residents and businesses. Bands are not paid, and the organizing committee is volunteer-run, but the event still costs money to run.

Please consider donating to our 2012 Kickstarter campaign!

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See you on the 8th!


One Comment on “Are you ready to PRONK with us?”

  1. Dave says:

    Hey PRONK,
    As the new manager of the Point Tavern 302 Wickenden St. I’m proud to say that my first official duty was to donate to PRONK. You’ll be marching by our front doors on Monday, so to celebrate we’ve been offering a PBR and a shot of Powers for $5 all week. That ends Monday night but I’ll have the doors open by 2 pm. So if you want to parade through the room and pick up a libation this is the place!

    because…that’s The Point


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