New Providence Anthem honked at PRONK!

In commemoration of the special spirit of Providence and its mighty street festival that could, PRONK, local composer Steve Jobe has written A New Providence Anthem a.k.a Cluck Old Hen meets the Hymn with No Words.

This piece, in part an homage to the 375th Anniversary of the founding of Providence by Roger Williams, will be debuted at the finale of the PRONK parade – South Water Street park – on Monday October 3rd at 7pm. PRONK festival goers are encouraged to bring their instruments and voices to join the PRONK bands in performing  this epic tribute to a small town founded by a small man in true HONK-style.

HONK style courtesy of HONK Texas

Music and crib notes are available here:

Providence Anthem C MelodyCluck

Providence Anthem – C MelodyHymn

Providence Anthem Crib Notes

Start practicing now with your bands and friends…lyrics to be posted soon!


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